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Originally the Bomber jacket was designed for military soldiers, especially for fighter pilots in the 1940's. Traditionally it is a short (waist-length) outerwear that has a zipper front and top and side pockets.

TWM is proud to announce the stunning DANNY Bomber Jacket! She is soft and romantic in the fabric choice of velvet but with a dash of boldness in fabulous bottle green colour! DANNY is made of printed velvet, has a green inner lining, green rib-trim and a green zipper. DANNY comes in various length options, from super cropped to long length as well as various sleeve lengths. Side pockets are optional. You choose your colour, size, length and style.....tailor made for you!

Wear your DANNY Bomber Jacket with a dress, a T-shirt and your jeans, boots or heels.....dress it up or dress it down.....your choice, BUT know that you will make a statement!

Model is 1.81 m and wears a L, super cropped length (40 cm zipper) with a rib-trim waistline(optional) and has a 60 cm sleeve length (rib-trim cuff included).

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