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Tall Women Movement

TWM creates a platform for tall women to socialize, share their stories and celebrate their uniqueness with other tall and beautiful women!

About Us

BE who YOU were born to BE

As a stylist I have engaged with thousands of beautiful women over the past 18 years and I know we as women often have a lot of “unfounded issues” but what I have learned over these years is that “beauty” comes in all sizes, shapes and ages. To all my “TWM sisters” walk tall and be beautiful and let no one ever make you feel or think otherwise!

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stand tall…..and be FABULOUS!

It has taken me a long time to truly realize I had been given a privilege. I stand out in a crowd because I am inherently unique, tall and beautiful!

My height doesn’t need to be validated by anyone, except myself, I stand tall, and take up my space!

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